Meet The Kids

Give a Child Hope

Sponsorship is easy! Each child is paired with 12 sponsors. Each sponsor gives $25 a month or $300 a year and 100% of your gift goes directly to the care and well-being of your sponsored child.

Abraham Banda

Abraham Banda, 5

Christine Lungu

Christine Lungu, 6

Collins Daka

Collins Daka, 5

Esnart Banda

Esnart Banda, 8

Joseph Banda

Joseph Banda, 6

Mary Daka

Mary Daka, 4

Mildred Chitumbu

Mildred Chitumbu, 5

Natasha Kanguya

Natasha Kanguya, 6

Patricia Mumba

Patricia Mumba, 7

Paul Daka

Paul Daka, 4

Susan Chinzete

Susah Chinzete, 6

Vincent Munkonje

Vincent Munkonje, 5

© 2021 Finding Grace, 501 (c)3

© 2021 Finding Grace, 501 (c)3