How We Help

We Make Direct Impact

In the 5 years that the Davidsons lived and served in Zambia, Andy & Robyn not only fell in love with and adopted their son Deacon, but they wanted to do more! They realized the need for widow and orphan care due to the AIDS & HIV epidemic that has crippled Zambia, leaving over 1.2 million orphans who don't have support or family structure.

Fundamental Health Care

Good health is the foundation to a child's potential. We provide each new child with an initial check up and then additional health care as needed. We also stock a well-equipped first aid cabinet for minor injuries and health issues so they don't become bigger problems.

Basic Nutritional Needs

Improper nutrition is an ongoing threat. Because of extreme poverty, most Zambians rarely eat any protein. Thanks to our generous supporters, we are able to provide the children and staff at our orphanage three high protein meals a day along with their traditional nshima and vegetables.

Education & Life Skills

Education in most countries around the world, including Zambia, is not free and most orphans are left out. This is not true at Finding Grace. Children at the orphanage get the opportunity to not only learn subjects like English and Math in a class held at the orphanage, but they also receive training in life skills.

A Family & Safe Place

While we cannot replace their parents, we believe that children need to feel safe, wanted, and loved. We work hard to fill the gap by creating a family unit to provide them comfort, security, and love with adults that they identify with, like their aunts and uncles.

2021 has provided many firsts for the ministry of Finding Grace. As grateful as we are for new beginnings, we know the future is even brighter. Through the generosity of many donors, plans are already underway for expansion into other areas of Zambia. We appreciate your support.

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© 2021 Finding Grace, 501 (c)3

© 2021 Finding Grace, 501 (c)3