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Serving Orphaned & Vulnerable Children

In 2014, Andy and Robyn Davidson founded Finding Grace, a nonprofit organization with the mission of assisting vulnerable and orphaned children in Zambia. The 6,000+ square ft children's home was built in Chongwe, Lusaka and opened in 2021. The home is able to support 50 children in addition to the excellent staff.

Andy with Finding Grace Children

The need for orphan care in Zambia is great. Of the 17+ million people in Zambia, over 1.2 million of them have been orphaned due to HIV & AIDS (source: UNICEF).

Though we may never be able to reach all of them, we can make a difference in the lives of a few. Donate today: Every bit of help makes a difference.

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Thanks to donors and advocates like you, we can help these children's needs for food, shelter, clothing, health care & education in an environment where they can thrive.

Robyn & Brilliance


What you need to know about helping with the Finding Grace Zambia Orphanage.

Why should I donate?

Orphaned and abandoned children don't have parents to take care of them. They don't have access to food, shelter, clothing, health care and education like other children who get these basics from their parents. Your donation takes care of the orphans day-to-day needs and gives them a better life.

Why should I choose Finding Grace?

If you are looking to donate to an organization that is dedicated to solving the orphanage crisis, please consider Finding Grace. It is our mission to help working with orphaned & vulnerable children.

How do I donate?

Go to our Donate page and click the Donate Now button under Help The Orphanage. To become a sponsor, make a $25 per child monthly recurring or $300 per child yearly donation.

© 2021 Finding Grace, 501 (c)3

© 2021 Finding Grace, 501 (c)3